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     Abbott Orthodontics Inc. is a family owned business located in Woodstock GA.

     Denise Abbott, Laboratory Technician
     "I am from Chicago and started my lab career in partial dentures when I was 16. I entered the Army at 18 to travel and learn the many different facets of the dental field. I then re-enlisted in the Reserves and moved to Atlanta. I worked for a couple of different orthodontic laboratories before I started my own lab in 1994. I retired from the Navy reserves in 1993 and live with my family in Woodstock."
     "I have been doing work for Dr. Awbrey since 1994, and am fulfilling my dream of being able to provide quality work. Through their guidance, I am continually learning new and improved techniques for laboratory appliances and retainers for patients. It is enjoyable to create all the different colors and designs that the children and young adults choose and enjoy."

      Grant Abbott
      Grant Abbott is from Keene, NY. He has received his schooling from Clemson University and Tri-County Tech. in South Carolina. Grant also served in the Navy on active duty and reservist in which he also retired.

     Our goal has been to provide quality appliances, to improve chair side time for the orthodontist, and have a quick turn around.
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